About Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy offers you a space to talk with a trained professional who will be sensitive to the circumstances and events in your life, whilst listening to current issues you chose to bring to therapy.

People often enter counselling and psychotherapy when they feel that their life is unhappy and there seems no way forward. To talk in confidence with someone who truly listens and responds to you in an empathetic and unconditional way often enables significant change to take place.

Therapists do not give advice, provide answers or tell you what to do. They will however offer you an open, honest and compassionate response from a non-judgemental standpoint. This reflective approach supports self-awareness of your own thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs in a given situation.

Both counselling and psychotherapy may enable you to make positive changes in your life that lead to an enriched, happier and more fulfilled way of living. As the demands of life have increased in the twenty first century, so has the acceptance of therapy as an alternative approach to address many of life’s every day challenges.